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We are so happy to announce that along with the rugs we have made a wallpaper collection in collaboration with Storeys.

These vibrant and fabulous wallpapers can be combined with the rugs for a unique and playful expression of the EDDA universe.

The collection is based on two different EDDA patterns, and contains a total of four diffrent wallpapers and four wallpaper circles.

The wallpaper products are made in luxurious and thick fiber quality.

The wallpaper pictures have a standard size W: 2.70m x H: 2.60m. and the circles are Ø100 cm. These products can also be ordered as made to measure.

All products are named after important women in Edda's life.

About Storeys

Storeys is Norway's leading supplier of wallpaper.


"Colorful and lush designs with hand-drawn flowers. EDDA's distinctive expression and refined use of color is evident in the beautiful floral designs, which were originally the prints on her SS19 collection.

We recognize the flowers from the Norwegian flora, and the fresh colors combined with EDDA's playful line, creates a floral print completely out of the ordinary"- Storeys.


Playful and distinctive design in black and white taken from the prints of EDDA's AW19 collection.

"The illustrations are based on old jewelry and objects with affection value for me, including a vintage brooch I received from the janitor at my school and old jewelry after my grandmother Gudrun.

I am pleased that EDDA can now combine art and fashion in the interior world as well. The idea is to show a work of art in an untraditional way - take it out of the frame and make it a central part of the room" Gimnes explains.

The designs are featured on a black and white background with focus on different areas within the intricate work.